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February 14

Community Meeting - 6pm

Hustle Dance - 7:15pm

February 21

Zumba - 6:00pm

Yoga - 7:30pm

February 24

Hustle - 11:30am

Zumba - 1:00pm

Art - 2:00pm

The Congregation Detroit - 9321 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit, MI 48206

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360 Detroit, Inc. provides services that empower and improve the quality of life for individuals and families. We are dedicated to assisting people in becoming self-sufficient, anchored, stabilized and well-rounded community members.

As a conduit for change and revitalization, we strive to create and maintain viable, safe communities within Detroit

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360 Detroit, Inc. strives to…

REVITALIZE Neighborhoods

Introducing new life and vitality, including green space development, that improve the landscape of the neighborhood while making additions and improvements that increase property values.


Providing resources and support designed to strengthen community members and promote confidence and authority in their skills and abilities.

IMPROVE Life’s Quality

Encouraging community engagement, support and cohesion that produces shared benefit and increased enjoyment of the community transformation.

What We’ve Accomplished


8,000+ Square feet

of blighted land developed/repurposed into useable green space


750+ Gun Locks Distributed


2,500 People Served


500+ Backpacks & School Supplies


1500+ Books Distributed


1,000+ Volunteers Engaged

Help 360 Detroit, Inc. Make an Impact

Impact the lives of our community individuals and families by assisting us as we make our community more viable. The power of your support is in the unity that it creates as you support us with your donation.

Your generosity is dynamic in improving our community.

Community Voices on 360 Detroit, Inc.’s Impact

360 Detroit, Inc. is an organization I am proud to have in my community. They take a holistic approach to community development by sharing relevant updates and City programs, offering volunteer activities within the neighborhood, helping residents to find funding for their projects, providing wellness and self-care activities and coordinating fresh food distribution during times of need. 360 Detroit, Inc. is also very organized, which makes it easy to stay connected and informed of their work. Thank you to 360 Detroit, Inc. for all that you do!
Monique Becker, Partner of Mona Lisa Development