Revitalizing Detroit and Empowering People!

Our mission

360 Detroit, Inc. strives to revitalize Detroit by catalyzing and advocating for change that empowers people and improves their quality of life.

Revitalize Neighborhoods

Introducing new life and vitality, including green space development, that improve the landscape of the neighborhood while making additions and improvements that increase property values.


Providing resources and support designed to strengthen community members and promote confidence and authority in their skills and abilities.

Life’s Quality

Encouraging community engagement, support and cohesion that produces shared benefit and increased enjoyment of the community transformation.

Exciting 10-Year Events

Celebrate with Us!

Come join us at our Kids to 360 Park Day 2024, and 10th Anniversay Charity Fete!

Exciting 10-Year Events

Celebrate with Us!

Come join us at our Kids to 360 Park Day 2024, and 10th Anniversay Charity Fete!

A word from Brenda Philpot

How 360 Detroit made an impact

Ms. Brenda Philpot, a long-time resident of Virginia Park, shares the positive changes brought about by 360Detroit, supported by the Thriving Neighborhoods Fund (TNF). 360Detroit began by engaging residents in neighborhood clean-ups and social events. 

Our events

In the spirit of our mission and supporting community, we promote projects and programming that revitalize the neighborhood’s landscape while offering enjoyment and empowerment to residents.

Our impact

Unlocking neighborhood solutions for safer, vibrant communities, 360 Detroit, Inc. guides individuals towards self-sufficiency and societal integration. From grassroots clean-ups, our impact has rapidly expanded as a beacon for change.

360 Detroit Park
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360 Detroit, Inc. began with an image of a connected community with neighborhoods that reflected the vitality of the past Virginia Park neighborhood. Although the work began with a single man’s image and the support of a few, it has grown into a community effort with benefits realized for all that are involved. From projects infused with volunteer-fueled solutions to community engagement events, 360 Detroit, Inc. has worked with the community residents to revitalize our neighborhoods to one project at a time. We remain committed to connecting community members, building trust and sustaining engagement for the benefit of the community.

Some kind words

Our work

360 Art House

360 Art House is a space that is dedicated to the development and expression of creativity for individuals of all ages.

360 Park

360 Park, located at Byron and Virginia Park, is our largest revitalization project which fulfills part of the community’s desire for safe spaces.

West Euclid Gateway Affordable Housing Project 

Providing newly rehabbed, affordable housing in the Virginia Park Community.

Community Cleanups

A tier of our neighborhood beautification projects, volunteers are engaged to clean and provide maintenance of vacant properties, alleys and surrounding areas.

Vacant Lot Repurposed to Community Space

Developed in 2018 after the demolition of a blighted house, we acquired and repurposed 1167 W. Euclid, its second vacant lot.

Youth Advisory Committee & Activities

Meetings designed to engage residents in community activities for advocacy and enjoyment as well as facilitate plans for future development including programming that meets community’s needs and desires.

Make an impact

By supporting us, you directly enhance our community's well-being, touching the lives of individuals and families. Every donation strengthens unity and amplifies community improvement.
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