Our story

Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can make a difference and create a better future.

360 Detroit, Inc. began with an image of a connected community with neighborhoods that reflected the vitality of the past Virginia Park neighborhood. Although the work began with a single man’s image and the support of a few, it has grown into a community effort with benefits realized for all that are involved. From projects infused with volunteer-fueled solutions to community engagement events, 360 Detroit, Inc. has worked with the community residents to revitalize our neighborhoods to one project at a time. We remain committed to connecting community members, building trust and sustaining engagement for the benefit of the community.

Our history

In the Spring of 2014, 360 Detroit, Inc. began with an idea that the community needs to look and be better. We began by boarding up vacant properties and cutting grass in the Virginia Park Community. This community, which is located in District 5 in the city of Detroit, was established over 120 years ago and was once an upper middle-class enclave. After years of economic distress of the community, the resulting decline and disrepair became evident through long-abandoned homes which strained the hope of long-time residents and those who love the Virginia Park Community. It was this realization that catalyzed the birth of 360 Detroit, Inc.

Committed to revitalizing, 360 Detroit, Inc. began by engaging the residents and organizing hope infused neighborhood clean-ups and social gatherings. The now annual community block party was one of the first community engagement gatherings that introduced the residents to enjoyment and new life within their seemingly dying community. With all things free and available to all participants, it breathed life into a depressed community. With the help of a host of volunteers and donors, we expanded to tree plantings, vacant lot development/repurposing into useful green gathering spaces and a diverse response to the community’s needs and desires. We’ve made a tremendous amount of progress and are continuing to work to make our enclave a “little slice of heaven” while enhancing the natural beauty.

Our purpose

The purpose of 360 Detroit, Inc. is to provide services that empower and improve the quality of life for individuals and families. The organization is dedicated to assisting people in becoming self-sufficient, anchored, stabilized and well-rounded members of society. Creating a conduit for change, revitalization of neighborhoods and advocating for inclusive, equitable community is paramount to organization’s work.

Our Challenge

• Safe, vibrant neighborhoods
• Community Inclusion

Our Foundation

• Advocacy for community
• Services for individual empowerment

Our Growth

From the simplistic start of engaging and organizing residents for clean-ups and social gatherings, 360 Detroit, Inc. has worked diligently to be a “Conduit for Change”. While creating an environment for revitalization and hope, we continue to grow at an accelerated pace.

Board of Directors

George Adams, Jr

President and Founder

Michael Haggerty


Elyse Wolf


Tamara Hunter

Member at large

N’Jeri Laird

Vice Chair

Phillip Caldwell

Member at large

Phyllis Edwards


Tanya Clark

Member at large

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