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360 Art House

360 Detroit Art House
360 Detroit Art House

360 Art House is a space that is dedicated to the development and expression of creativity for individuals of all ages. Located within walking distance of 360 Park amidst the Virginia Park neighborhood, The Art House was created for residents in response to their desire for community, gathering space. It allows expanded activity and its continuation during inclement weather when outdoor activity is not favorable. It reflects 360 Detroit, Inc.’s vision of neighborhood revitalization and quality of life improvement. 360 Art House’s design and décor is a brilliant exhibition of community inspired and produced art as evidenced by the backyard mural.

With funding from Detroit Regional Chamber General Motors NeighborHUB grant, we have developed a space that will continually promote all forms and expressions of art. Graphic/Decorative art (i.e. painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.), Traditional/Theatrical art (i.e. poetry, storytelling, drama, music, etc.) and all art forms that showcase ethnic diversity and promote literacy are part of its focus. Programming, funded by Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan and the NeighborHUB grant, also will include a span of culinary and fitness opportunities for all ages. 360 Art House will continually be a space for unlimited creativity and communal collaborations.

360 Park

360 Park, located at Byron and Virginia Park, is our largest revitalization project which fulfills part of the community’s desire for safe spaces. 360 Park will repurpose several lots to develop an attractive, pocket park for community enjoyment. It feature playscapes for children to play and gathering spaces that will provide positive engagement for the community.


  • The Kresge Foundation – Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit – 2018
  • LISC – Local Initiatives Support Corporation ESPN RePlay – 2019
  • Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan – Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund – 2019
  • Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency – 2020
360 Detroit Park
360 Detroit 1167 W Euclid Beautification

1167 W Euclid

Developed in 2018 after the demolition of a blighted house, we acquired and repurposed 1167 W. Euclid, its second vacant lot. The lot was developed as a space for small scale community enjoyment and engagement. The space is characterized by its seasoned shade trees amidst newly planted saplings and perennials. Rose bushes, flowering trees and a variety of plants provide three season color. Picnic tables and an artistically decorated free library extend an invitation for intimate gathering and community exchange.


  • Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency – 2018

1189 W Euclid

Repurposed in 2020, 1189 W. Euclid is one of our redevelopment collaborations. A resident’s lot was revitalized with the planting of trees, rose bushes and perennials. Picnic tables, artistically decorated by community residents, were added to create an inviting space for community exchange.


  • Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency – 2020
360 Detroit 1189 W Euclid Beautification
360 Detroit 1151 W Euclid Beautification

1151 W Euclid

Our first beautification project was the repurposing of 1151 W. Euclid in 2016. The space was vacant for decades before this project’s construction. Designed to be functional and environmentally friendly, the lot features a permeable parking pad amidst trees and perennials that improves the appearance of the neighborhood. Rose bushes, flowering trees and a variety of plants provide three season color.


  • Detroit Future City – 2016
  • Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency – 2020

Holland Maze

Adopting the island located at the Lodge Freeway and Virginia Park for neighborhood beautification, The Holland Maze will be a playful adaptation of the tulip fields found in the Netherlands. Characterized by its bright colors, the maze will consist of mounds of tulips, lavender, geraniums, and other perennials. The maze portion, comprised of narrow grass paths, will allow up close enjoyment of the colorful plantings. Check it out Sprint 2021!


  • Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency – 2020
  • Detroit Future City – 2020
360 Detroit Holland Maze
360 Detroit Community Cleanup

Community Cleanups

A tier of our neighborhood beautification projects, at least annually, volunteers are engaged to clean and provide maintenance of vacant properties, alleys and surrounding areas. Collaboration with other organizations make the work lighter and increase the impact. To date, over 1,000 volunteers have been engaged to maintain alley ways and vacant properties.

Community Block Party

A free, annual event that provides a wide array resources and opportunity for engagement & community connection. The event which is designed for all ages seeks to expose its participants to community contributors as well as new experiences. Since the first community block party, we have provided the more than 1,300 new children’s & teenage books, over 600 gunlocks, more than 500 backpacks with school supplies and approximately 70 boost/car seats.

360 Detroit Community Block Party
Community 360 Detroit Engagement Meeting

Community Engagement Meetings

Meetings designed to engage residents in community activities for advocacy and enjoyment as well as facilitate plans for future development including programming that meets community’s needs and desires. Community Engagement Meetings are held monthly. See schedule for next meeting.

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