What we do

The Heart and Soul of 360 Detroit, Inc.

We respond to the community’s needs by collaborating with our neighbors to empower people and improve their quality of life. 360 Detroit, Inc. is dedicated to helping increase property and land values while helping people become self-sufficient, anchored, stable and well-rounded members of society.

Our Core Values:


Fight to maintain the dignity of the community we serve, and work with integrity


Celebrate diversity by supporting a culture of inclusion

Impact & Integrity

Creates positive impacts in the neighborhood


Resourceful and work to teach resourcefulness


Forever optimistic about the future of our community

Stability & Trust

Provides stable support in the community

Our events

In the spirit of our mission and supporting community, we promote projects and programming that revitalize the neighborhood’s landscape while offering enjoyment and empowerment to residents.

What Drives Us

Community development & beautification​

Increased property values through development and beautification is a priority. Community members have the opportunity to engage in routinely scheduled beautification projects throughout the year. West Euclid Gateway Affordable Housing Project is turning 8 blighted properties into homes for 18 families. The project is providing newly rehabbed housing to residents that would otherwise be displaced by development.

Art programming & positive leisure time activities

Our art classes explore a variety of art processes and materials such as drawing, painting and other art forms. A strong emphasis on getting involved in the creative process is more important than talent or previous experience. Engaging in positive leisure or recreational activities is important as it helps to reduce stress, improve mood, increase creativity, and enhance overall well-being. Our activities present community members with enrichment and a break from life’s demands and provides an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Workforce development

We partner with organizations and trainers to provide job readiness skills and on the job training to help provide community members with the necessary training and skills needed to increase household income and promote the economic advancement of their family.  Activities under this program may include, but are not limited to, customized skill building training and job readiness services.

Financial & reading literacy

It’s critical for our community to be equipped with skills and knowledge to make sound financial decisions.  Our courses start with the fundamentals to ensure a baseline understanding is present. We offer opportunities to build generational wealth through home ownership and entrepreneurial opportunities and we support these individuals by providing resources and training to ensure successful outcomes. Research has shown that adults with high school level literacy skills get better jobs, have higher income and are healthier than those with lower skills. (National Assessment of Adult Literacy)

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